Custom Candy Mold

Unique Custom Molds as Individual as You Are

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will any picture work?
A: The better picture that you send, the higher quality mold we will be able to make.  If it is out of focus, dark or has very little detail we will not be able to make a very good mold for you.  

Q: What do the candies cost?
A: A bag of Wilton Candy Melts costs about $3.  The cost of each candy depends on its size, of course, but 50 cents per candy is a good rule of thumb.  To get a good approximation based on the size of your candy, use our candy calculator(under construction)

Q: How long do the molds last?
A: How long a mold lasts depends on the material and care used in making the molds.  The Smooth-on Molds typically give you a few hundred per mold.  We have not yet worn out a Silicon J mold.

The temperature cycling between putting in hot chocolate and freezing the molds is the main cause of mold wear out.  After dozens of cycles, the material becomes brittle and can break if bent while it is frozen.  We have not seen any other failure modes from this material - they do not tear like the Smooth-on molds.

The Smooth-on molds usually fail by tearing when you are removing frozen chocolate from the mold.  If you are careful, you can make hundreds of molds without tearing.  But if you are in a hurry, taking them out as quickly as possible, you can expect a few tears.

The Silicon J molds are very durable.  The material is not worn out from the temperature cycling as well.  Unless you have requested very aggressive undercuts, these molds do not tear.

Q: Do you sell chocolates or just the molds.
A: Currently, we are in the business of making molds only.  If you are in the chocolate pouring business and would like to work with us, please contact us.

Q: How long does it take to get the mold after I send the picture?
A: It typically takes us about two weeks for the process.  We normally ship ground, but can ship overnight if you like.  We can expedite the process for a small fee.  If you need a rush order, please contact us.

Q: Can I make multi-colored candy?
A: You can make multi-colored candy but be aware that pouring multiple colored candy is very time consuming.  Pouring a single color takes approximately 30 seconds.  Pouring a four color candy takes approximately 15 minutes.  If you want multiple colored candy, we can make special molds that have deep borders to help you keep the colors separated.  Please contact us for this service.

Q: Can your molds be used for things other than candy?
A: The molds can be used to cast any material that does not exceed the temperature of the material.  You can use it to mold urethanes and epoxies, for example.  Some people like to include a non-edible keepsake to give along with the candies.  But once you use a mold for these materials, they are no longer food safe.  Therefore, pour this after all your edible candies are made.  Note that we can include the keepsake made out of a variety of materials with your order.